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OVERSTOCK DEAL: 24 Ct. Katz Gluten Free Glazed Donut Holes, Individually Wrapped

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This item is a overstock acquisition. As such no additional discounts (like VIP) apply to this product as it is at the lowest prices available. These are not old, they just need to be cleared out to make room for new product. 

Reason for overstock: They had a surplus and needed to clear out space in their warehouse for incoming products. 

Who Doesn't Love Donut Holes? These Delicious Glazed Donut Holes Have Help Fill Your Donut Cravings. They Have Just The Right Amount Of Sweetness To Create A Perfect Gluten Free Donut Experience. Dunk Them In Your Coffee, Or Eat Them By Themselves, Either Way They Are Truly A Delight.


Thaw - Thaw And Serve


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