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NEW: Regular or Large Size Fresh Produce Mixed Box - Choose Your Size (BETA TEST)

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This NEW product is an incredibly exciting NEW step for the Food and Meat Co-op Community!

*Please note, during the beta test, we are not offering VIP discounts. Once this is a full program, future offerings will have VIP discounts. 

After becoming the #1 request the past year, produce is coming to you all this month as a test! 

As you know, we have been primarily providing meats and frozen foods for the past few years. 

We have had occasional produce offerings when local Utah produce has been available. Due to a short Utah produce season and past droughts, early/late freezes/frosts, produce from Utah has not been easy to come by. So we are venturing out to fill a need in our community to offer Regular and Large size mixed produce boxes. 

We are working with suppliers to create a random mixture of boxes that will include fruits and veggies and provide 8-15 different varieties of fresh produce. 

Regular box for $29 will include 28-35 pieces

Large box for $39 will include 36-45 pieces 

This is a first-time beta test, so there is a limited supply. By purchasing this product during this test, you understand that we are in a learning phase and you also agree to provide feedback on the products and process so we can improve to make this a regular offering for the entire community! THANK YOU!! 

Please read this additional information:

Some answers to commons questions to get ahead of it 😉
  1. First, this is a BETA test, we will have a limited supply as we test out produce. We really, really want to offer it each month and I personally receive several requests a week (and have for years) so I am venturing into a new area but I need your patience and feedback!
  2. No, the produce coming tomorrow/Saturday is not organic. We are testing. We can have access to organic and create organic boxes in the future, but this program is in test mode, so only 2 conventional options will be available.
  3. Most common question is "Is it local?" This is the #1 reason I have not been doing produce. We did produce our first year as a co-op, but if you remember, it was JUST August through October because Utah produce is seasonal and that season is SHORT. We do not grow produce year round in Utah en masse. We can generally only get it for 3 months. And then we haven't done any at all the past 2-years because pretty much all of our local Utah produce sources have been in short supply the last 2-years due to the drought, the early freezes/frosts we have had the past couple of years. All of our local sources had enough (and some not even that much) to only service their normal, regular customers that there was not enough to sell in bulk to our group at a discount. As such, there has been no produce through our co-op for a long while due to us wanting to source locally only during the 3 month season. So after years of being asked over and over, we are bringing in produce from many sources/states (mostly California) as they have year-round growing seasons. ALL OF THIS TO SAY... (phew, long explanation) if and when we can get Utah produce, we will include those in these boxes if this program takes off and becomes a regular.
  4. There will be 2 size boxes to pick from: regular size box with 28-35 pieces and large with 36-45 pieces. The more this program grows, just like our meat and frozen foods, the better deals, the better the boxes become too!

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