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Clearance: 14lbs Wild Caught Sustainable Seafood Variety Box, Gluten Free

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The best seafood mixed box to ever be offered in Utah! All of the fan favorite seafood that we have offered over the past year in one easy, convenient box! Cassie has been working hard with the seafood company to offer this amazing mixed seafood box to our wonderful co-op! 



  • Keta salmon
  • Cod
  • Tuna
  • DOES contains either pollock OR scarlet snapper


*Please note, wild-caught seafood from their native waters is seasonal. Occasionally, the harvest only happens certain times of the year per variety. If they run out of a certain fish/variety, we reserve the right to substitute for what is in stock to maintain the wild-caught philosophy. Regardless, each box will contain 16-lbs of variety. 


There is no other seafood box on the market that comes close to the value or quality. You can't even piece this together at the grocery store for this price (and most don't have snapper and grouper). 

Check out these comparisons:


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