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Local Angus Grassfed/Grain Finished Beef Shares

Local Angus Grassfed/Grain Finished Beef Shares

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We are currently taking orders for the Angus Beef shares at this time. These are local, raised in Vernon, UT at Green Jacket Ranch. They are free roaming grassfed and then grain finished the last few weeks to give that taste that everyone loves from a good Angus beef.

*This is a limited time opportunity that allows you to stock your freezer with local cow shares in quarters or halves.

You will pay a deposit now (price shown) and then your information will be passed along to our local farmer (Alan Mitchell from Bennion Beef /Green Jacket Ranch for this product) that will contact you to make delivery and final payment arrangements directly.

It is a SMART time to stock-up on beef and get a nice supply in your freezer. Along with ground beef, you will get all cuts, including those super expensive high-end cuts for one flat price, saving a significant amount of money vs. buying pound-by-pound.

Plus, not to mention the security you receive from have a freezer full of high-quality local beef with the incredibly fast rising prices of beef. Secure today's prices by grabbing beef for the next 6-months to 1-year.

Have you learned about our local Farmers, Alan and Elizabeth, with Bennion Beef? We would love to introduce this Utah farmer to you!

>>>Meet Alan and Elizabeth with Bennion Beef HERE <<<

    We have several quarters and halves ready to go and we will be taking orders on a first come, first serve basis.

    *If you would like a whole, just put a deposit down on 2 halves! So order twice :)

    >>>Read this article HERE on the Ins and Outs of Buying a Whole/Half/Quarter Cow<<<

    the ins and outs of buying a whole or half cow through the food and meat co-op

    Here are a few FAQ’s that will hopefully answer your questions that you may have in regards to your order.

    1. How much will it cost? Hanging weight is $4/lb. This DOES NOT include the kill fee and all butcher fees. Half of a hanging weight is around 350 lbs.
    2. How much will I pay the butcher? The butcher charges a kill fee of $75 (split in half or quarters if buying less than a whole) and charges $0.72 per lb in processing/packaging. With a quarter cow, you will end up with approximately 85-100lb of finished beef, so you would pay the butcher approximately $75-85. For a half, double this amount and a whole, double it again.
    3. After paying the butcher and the farmer - is there a total I can expect to pay? Yes, plan on spending between $1850 - $1950 per half or $925 - $975 per quarter.
    4. What is live weight and hanging weight? The live weight is the total weight of the animal before it is is processed. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal as it hangs to dry age. Hanging weight does not include the head, hide, hooves, blood and organs, which have been removed.
    5. Can my order include the offal and bones? Yes, but please make sure to let the rancher know that you would like this included. There may be an additional cost.
    6. What will half of a cow include? Roughly 185 - 200 lbs. of hanging weight that will end up with 20% steaks, 40% hamburger/stew meat, 10% short ribs, 30% roasts, brisket and custom cuts. A whole is twice this amount.
    7. Can I custom cut my order? Sometimes you can, but the current supply is already cut to standard, and standard has some superior cuts!
    8. How do I pay? The co-op will hold your half with a $125 fee. It is the easiest way for us to accept payment at this time. The remaining cost of the cow will go to the farmer upon delivery and the payment method can be worked out with him. Your deposit goes towards the total cost.
    9. I have paid the holder’s fee. Now what happens? Once we have confirmation of the order or the holding fee, you can expect a call from the Rancher to discuss further details and pickup delivery.
    10. Is it free delivery? Yes, within the main corridor in Utah. If you live in a very far out place, there may be an additional fee, or a meeting place in the Wasatch Front for free will be set up. Gas is "eating" up our farmers, so they try to do free delivery, unless it is unreasonable.
    11. Thank you for supporting local and working with our local Utah American Angus cattle rancher! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.
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