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CLEARANCE: Imported Genuine Swiss Cheese

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We say that everything is either sourced from Utah, or neighboring states or from the U.S. depending on the product. Well, this is our first legit International product - True Swiss Cheese imported from Switzerland! 

This product is brought in for a restaurant chain that would use them, but their business has not been as busy and so the imported Swiss cheese needs a home as it is an overstock item! 

About this product: 

"Emmentaler is the original Swiss cheese, world-famous for its distinctive holes and one-of-a-kind flavor. First produced more than eight centuries ago in the canton of Bern in the valley of the Emme River, Emmentaler AOP is still made in 200-pound wheels. This endlessly popular cheese is known as the king of cheese, and plays an essential role in Swiss communities and on American tables everywhere." 

Retails about $16.99/lb through special order from Smiths. Otherwise, this is not sold in stores. We got them for about $2.28lb instead! That's crazy deal! 

Perfect for sharing with friends, family and neighbors and enjoy a truly Swiss cheese. 

If you would like more information, please watch our live video on this product from minute 17 - 19:40 on this video HERE. 

Because of the way it’s packaged, sealed tightly, the cheese is still great. Better as it’s aged.

Learn about the product HERE