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CLEARANCE: $0.87 lb Frozen Chicken Leg Quarters (in 4 - 10 lb bags for 40 lbs total)

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VIP Insider's Discount:

This item is a Clearance acquisition. As such no additional discounts (like VIP) apply to this product as it is at the lowest prices available. These were made and packed in April/May of this year and frozen and been frozen since. So they still have 20 months in the freezer to retain quality. So they are not old, they just need to be cleared out to make room for new product. 

ONLY $0.87 per lb!!


 -  40lb frozen case of chicken leg quarters already ready for the freezer in 4 10lb bags. 

-  Born, raised, harvested and processed all on US soil and Cage-Free

- No added hormones or steroids and is antibiotic-free 


Our Utah Food Co-op has found some amazing, fresh, natural, chicken leg quarters with the drumstick and bone-in, skin-on thigh all in one! This is a wonderful add to your family's menu! Being budget-priced and in bulk means that you are able to grab a great product for a great price.

Coming from small farms and processed and packed in MarJac Poultry processing facility - this is a high-quality, fresh chicken product and the taste will show the high quality and fresh taste that these drumsticks will provide for your family! Baked or grilled, it's the nice chicken meat to enjoy on a dime!

Already frozen in 10 lb bags (they are stuck together in each 10 lb bag, so when ready to use you can cook 10 lbs at a time and then freeze cooked meats or use them in freezer meals or multiple meals over a few days. 


Just defrost the bag a little and then separate into smaller packages and re-freeze. They have only been frozen once, so it is perfectly fine to freeze again. It is not recommended to refreeze grocery store fresh meats because they have already been through the freeze/defrost/repack/freeze again cycle a couple of times before it hits the shelf. 


Notes about pickup:

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2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out.