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Half of Local Wagyu/Angus Cross Cow (Deposit for the Half Share)

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We are currently taking orders for the Wagyu-Angus cross beef half cows only at this time. Fill out the form provided, pay the hold fee via Venmo promptly, and once we have confirmation your name will be forwarded on to our rancher, Alan. If the form will not accept your order, that means we have filled all 11 spots but your name will be reserved for our next round of availability.

We have 11 halves ready to go and we will be taking orders on a first come, first serve basis. We will possibly be getting more cows in November or December and we will certainly have more the first of the year.

Here are a few FAQ’s that will hopefully answer your questions that you may have in regards to your order.

  1. How much will it cost? Hanging weight is $4.50/lb. This does not include the butcher fees or kill fee.
  2. How much will I pay the butcher? This number goes by pound and depends on how you would like it wrapped. Paper is $0.52/lb. and vacuum sealed is $0.62/lb. For example, if the total half cow weight is 400 lbs. and you choose wrapped in paper, you would pay $208 to the butcher for cutting and wrapping. Each half will vary depending on the LIVE WEIGHT of each animal so this number will vary. This is only an example of how the cost works.
  3. What is live weight and hanging weight? The live weight is the total weight of the animal before it is is processed. Hanging weight is the weight of the animal as it hangs to dry age. Hanging weight does not include the head, hide, hooves, blood and organs, which have been removed.
  4. Can my order include the offal and bones? Yes, but please make sure to let the rancher know that you would like this included. There may be an additional cost.
  5. What will half of a cow include? Roughly 200 - 220 lbs. of hanging weight that will end up with 20% steaks, 40% hamburger/stew meat, 10% short ribs, 30% roasts, brisket
  6. Can I custom cut my order? If you order half or a whole cow with our rancher you can customize your cuts.
  7. How do I pay? The co-op will hold your half with a $100 fee via Venmo. It is the easiest way for us to accept payment at this time. The remaining cost of the cow will go to the farmer upon delivery and the payment method can be worked out with him.
  8. I have paid the holder’s fee. Now what happens? Once we have confirmation of Venmo payment for the holding fee, you can expect a call from the Rancher to discuss your half and take note of your custom cuts and special requests. 

Thank you for supporting local and working with our American-wagyu rancher! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.