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Discounted Emergency Essentials Freeze Dried Foods with 25-Year Shelf Life

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We are so excited to be partnering with Emergency Essentials for their freeze-dried foods with a 25-year shelf life. Their products are tried, true and delicious. They are a Utah-based company and they have very comparable pricing BEFORE the co-op discount, which makes it a good option for all of us!

"Price Example is from the 1-month kit" 

As such, we will be able to get some amazing deals as a group with group buying discounts. 

However, this category is HUGE and it was overwhelming to decide which products to feature during July's stock up month. But we came to the realization during research this month that pantry stock-up is an "every month" type of category for a few reasons - the #1 being budget! If you could set aside a certain amount each month to build food storage, you can do it step-by-step. 

Therefore, we are going to offer a few different Emergency Essentials products each month moving forward!! YAY!! 

We are going to focus on a theme. So to help us this first month, we need crowd sourcing and fill out the form to decide what we should offer first and then we will create a schedule of what freeze dried products you can get each month with the co-op discount so you can plan!! 

How cool is this plan!?! I am so excited about it. I want to get a 1-month supply kit for each member of my family. However, buying 8 in one month is hard financially, so instead, I plan to get one a month for the next 8 months! 

We do plan to offer the 1-month kit every month, along with themed #10 cans. 

Fill out the form and we will announce next week which products are available for July!