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CLEARANCE DEAL: 12 Ct. IQBar Keto Protein Bars (choose flavor from drop down!)

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Please note, we are clearing out our Keto Foods as we have had to close our Keto category on our website/co-op due to greatly diminished popularity. We are no longer able to meet order minimums as group and so we are just clearing current stock for a super price!  Since these are clearanced out, there are no additional discounts (like VIP).

New to our Keto Category these Protein Bars are the Prefect Keto Snack! Offering a different flavor each month. These keto friendly protein bars are Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly option for all!

From Company:

 Our Almond Butter Chip bar tastes like natural, creamy, chocolatey almond butter with a pleasant graham cracker-like finish. If you’re a fan of almond butter and dark chocolate as much as we are, you’ll be hooked after the first few bites.

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