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CLEARANCE: 3 lb Pack: Hardwood Smoked Bacon

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VIP Insider's Discount:

This item is a Clearance acquisition. As such no additional discounts (like VIP) apply to this product as it is at the lowest prices available. These were made and packed in Feb/March of this year and frozen since. So they still have 18 months in the freezer to retain quality. So they are not old, they just need to be cleared out to make room for new product. 

We are offering this new bacon product for our community to try and in easy and convenient 3lb packs!

Notes about pickup:

1. Join a car line and stay in your vehicle. We will come to you to look up your order. Open your trunk and we will load you up. Safe, fast and easy!

2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out.