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20 lbs. American-Wagyu Ground Beef, Pasture Raised, Local Ag

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Know where your food comes from! Our specific American Wagyu farmer pasture raises a cross of Angus and Japanese Wagyu which is an amazing combination of both worlds and unique to Utah as there aren't many who raise this breed and process it, especially so close to home.

So, what's all the fuss surrounding Wagyu anyway? True to it's elevated status of quality and taste, Wagyu is considered a luxury meat that contains endless amounts of marbling which lend to its tenderness and flavor. With proper and humane care to the animal and cooked to perfection, these high-end characteristics give to the incomparable flavor and texture that cannot be matched by any other meat on the market.

From the American-Wagyu rancher: These cattle are grass-fed for the first 6-8 months while on their mother's milk, and then are put in pastures with grain supplements until they are mature. The Wagyu breed from Japan grades beyond prime due to its marbling and tenderness. We breed Wagyu bulls to Angus cows to get a Wagyu/Angus cross calf that retains the hearty flavor of Angus, but also has the enhanced marbling and tenderness of Wagyu.

Each box will contain 20 lbs of 1lb packages of Wagyu/Angus Cross beef patties.  This beef is softer and juicier than most ground. Adds a buttery taste to any meal!