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20 lb Case: Wild Caught Whole Swimming Blue Crab ($1.33 per crab)

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Current Market Price is $7.99 lb sold in a 20 lb case for $159.80 each case. VIP Insider's members will save an additional 5% for $151.81 per case! 

We are so excited to be partnering this this seafood company in Weston, FL to bring sustainably wild caught seafood!

This month, we are featuring the 20lb case of whole blue swimming crabs! These are a super cool find for only $7.99 per lb.

Each case has 10 - 2lb boxes. This means it would be easy to split a case and share with friends and neighbors.

Each 2lb box contains 10-14 crabs. Each crab contains 2.4-3.7 oz of meat. Like all crabs, you got to work to get the meat out.  Enjoy this meat treat this month!

These are wild caught in their native home off of the coast of Tunisia and send to Indonesia for processing (cleaned and gutted and flash frozen). These are then sent back to the company in Florida. They are a certified sustainable company that using the best practices for wild caught seafood (nets). 

Get wild caught Whole Blue Swimming Crab Salmon for only $1.33 per crab! Priced at an awesome $7.99 per lb this month! 

Check out these videos of us unboxing, boiling and tasting these crabs! 

Video #1 - Unboxing and beginning the crab boil

Video #2 - Finishing the crab boil and taste testing

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