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CLEARANCE: 12 lb Case Fresh, Bone-in Ham Steaks 4oz (GF, Free from Top 8 Allergens)

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VIP Insider's Discount:

This item is a Clearance acquisition. As such no additional discounts (like VIP) apply to this product as it is at the lowest prices available. These were made and packed in Jan/Feb of this year and flash frozen and been frozen since. So they still have 18 months in the freezer to retain quality. So they are not old, they just need to be cleared out to make room for new product. 

Produced from a 3rd generation family pork and turkey business and packed by our favorite Daily's pork company, these highly sought-after premium pork products are the Premium Hickory Smoked Bone-in Ham Steaks cut perfect serving sizes of 4oz each steak. You will get around 48 ham steaks in this case, making it a perfect meal solution from breakfast down to dinner! 

Perfect for the grill, the oven, the stovetop or even cold (fully cooked), you will enjoy the flavor, juiciness and versatility of this product.  

Packed in a 6-steak cryo-packs that can be stored fresh for a while or even ready for the freezer.  

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