12-13.5 lb Case Certified Angus Prime Rib Roasts - 3 Roasts at 4-4.5 lb each

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IMPORTANT: This product is being produced for us right after Thanksgiving and delivered to us to distribute to our community for our 12/11 pickup ONLY. None of these will be available in November. This is a pickup in DECEMBER ONLY product. :) 

We are so excited to add this amazing locally produced prime rib product. 

Why? Well first it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Even before any seasonings (of course you are welcome to use your favorites) this beef has an amazing smoked flavor that is that nostalgic, home-grown, smoked flavor that floods your mouth with happiness and brings in happy memories of the holidays. 

You will find this product to not only be gluten-free, but certified to be free of top 8 allergens! 

In addition, it is already pre-cooked to perfection to a very rare state, allowing for you to heat and eat or cook a little more to your liking. They are sealed in cooking bags so you can heat/cook to your liking in the bag to maintain moisture for a delicious, tender experience. So when comes to cooking prime rib, it is intimidating for a lot of people so this part is done for you with on worries! 

Even better is that these are made locally in Richmond, UT and private labeled for the Black Mountain Farms from Oregon, but they are actually local to us through Lower's Meats. 

Finally, we got an amazing one-time deal on these prime rib. We committed to a limited number of this product at this one-time price break for our community. 

So, if you want to save a bundle, save a bundle of time in cooking and eat a delicious bundle - then this is the meat treat for you!  

And not only does it take you back to the good 'ol days of homegrown smoked meats, it actually is! Right here in Utah's backyard, this locally sourced, natural beef product is raised, processed and smoked with care by a family farm that has been in the area doing this exact process for nearly 100 years! 

In each case, you will receive 3 total precooked prime rib roasts that range from 4-4.5 lbs for each roast. 

As such, the total weight of the case will be between 12-13.5 lbs each. 

This is a Scratch Weight product! That means that you will pay the highest weight price upfront and then when you get your specific case, you will be refunded the difference in weight. We are billed for the exact weight, and so we charge you the exact weight in the end. But to pay our supplier before hand, we collect the full possible amount (in this case, 13.5 lbs, but it will likely be closer to 12.5) and then document the weight of your case and issue a refund after pickup for the difference. So you are paying exact weight of your specific case in the end! 

CONTAINS: Water, Vinegar, Salt, and
Natural Flavorings.

RUBBED WITH: Flavorings (natural
flavors, salt, potato maltodextrin), Sea
Salt, Salt, Natural Flavorings, Minced
Onion, and Caramel Color.

Description: Prime Rib, Delicately Seasoned
Contains up to 10% of a Solution

Cook Level: Very Rare (Slow Roasted)
Raw Materials: Boneless Beef Ribeye,
Handcrafted from Boneless Beef Rib Roast


This is a pickup only item. 

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2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out.