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10 lb Case: Wild Caught Pink Alaskan Salmon, 8-10oz Fillets

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is $95.62 for 10 lbs. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off lowest co-op prices for $90.84 per 10 lb case.

Get wild caught Pacific Salmon for only $5.62 per loin filet!

Get the real wild-caught fish for the same cost as farmed by purchasing in bulk through the co-op.

If you are looking for a great buy on Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, the Food and Meat Co-op is bringing in 10lb cases of fresh, flash-frozen Pink Salmon Fillets that are already portioned out in 8-10oz skinless portions for co-op pricing at only $9.52 lb. 

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Extra details:

These are caught in the Pacific in the wild by net near Alaska and sent to Indonesia for cutting and processing. The company that controls and manages all of this is a US, Florida based company. They are very fresh!

Pink Salmon is the naturally lower fat variety of Salmon species when compared to fat content found in Sockeye or King. As such, they are lighter flesh and milder taste as well, which is the perfect well-rounded Salmon cut for a lower fat, healthier diet and a preferred species amongst the majority due to the milder flavor. This is also skinless, making it very easy to prepare. Because Pink Salmon has less fat and natural oils, it's also the preferred filet for grilling as it stays together better.¬†

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