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15 lb Case: Uncured Bacon Ends and Pieces, Keto, GF

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We are bringing back a very popular product with these beautiful, delicious and satisfying, while also more natural and healthier with the natural curing process in this uncured bacon ends and pieces product! 

This comes from our same amazing source as our very popular premium center cut bacon, but these are the ends and pieces left over, providing an extreme savings for this local bacon offering - but they have become the preferred bacon treat for hundreds of families across Utah!
This bacon doesn't have the best presentation, but still has the best taste. It's perfect for Keto, it's perfect for frying up in pieces for bacon bits and it's perfect just to fry up and eat. We love that we can not waste any part of the pork belly and offer the not-so-consistent cuts and pieces to our community for a wonderful price! Win-win all around. 

Ingredients: made with natural pork prepared with water, sea salt, turbinado sugar, natural flavoring, lactic acid starter culture.

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