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10 lb. case - 2oz. Pork Sausage Links Lumberjack Style, Local, Gluten Free

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Families all over Utah are raving about this link sausage! This sausage is produced just over the border in Idaho with the Independent Meat Co and Falls Brand. It is made with quality ingredients in addition to great quality hogs. Our supplier in Idaho takes special care in creating these links and you can taste the effort from every part of the process when these reach your plate. After one taste,  you will crave these delicious breakfast morsels! These are twice the size than a normal sausage link for the Lumberjack version at 2oz. each (typical links are 1oz each)

The hogs made for this product are part of the Salmon Creek Farms Natural Pork program network. Our farmers feed these hogs high-quality western wheat and barley. They never use hormones, antibiotics or animal proteins. To ensure that our customers can trust the excellence of our meat, we have all of our products third-party audited.

Flash-frozen to preserve freshness! 

Ingredients: Pork, Water, Corn Syrup, Containing less than 2% of Sodium Lactate, Salt, Natural Flavoring, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, BHT, TBHQ, Citric Acid in a collagen casing (BHT, TBHQ, & Citric Acid added to help protect flavor)

Benefits of buying this sausage through the local Utah chapter of Food and Meat Co-op: 

  1. Bulk, wholesale group pricing for significant savings over retail. 
  2. No added hormones and anti-biotic free. 
  3. Made fresh, flash-frozen, all within a short time period - this means that you can actually eat taste that flash-frozen freshness the first time you taste these links! 
  4. Local processing - These are produced just over the border in from Utah in South Central Idaho. This means you are supporting local business and the local Utah and Idaho economy from a few different levels! There are at least 4 local businesses/farms between Utah and Idaho that receive your business in this process, along with helping to support fellow local co-op families in Utah with group-buying benefits. 
  5. Direct - there is no retail middle-man, which means that your product has only been touched by the butcher last and has not been sitting in store fridges for others to handle before you get it! In fact, when you get this product, you will see the retail labels that is used at the retail level to handle and repack for retail store shelves - but you skip this step of handling! This brings comfort and assurance that you have a control from nearly the beginning.