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1 Gallon of EXTRA Virgin, Organic, Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

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Support a small local business (that supports fair trade practices in the native areas where this oil is produced), support local students and support your budget! 

This coconut oil comes from the same company that provides the beloved vanilla! 

This product is doing all kinds of good for the community, the world, the budget and your diet! 

Not only are you getting....

 - Virgin, but EXTRA virgin

 - Organic but Certified Organic

 - And cold-pressed to maintain the least amount of processing for purest form of coconut oil all in one product! 

Basically, taking three major benefits for a super high quality coconut oil. 


The proceeds help students raise funds to get to Greece with their Greek Literature class AND get a better deal on this amazing product. 

When you get this product, you can just pick it up with your regular co-op orders. 

As such, there are no additional discounts like VIP since this is a fundraising product.