OVERSTOCK: 6pk of - 4oz Natural Antimicrobial Mask and Environment Cleansing Spray (Great Stocking Stuffer)

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This item is an OVERSTOCK acquisition. Sometimes in our pursuit of delicious foods for the co-op, we come across a product that is an overstock from a farmer/supplier/source and being sold below wholesale pricing at a loss to "clear it out." As such, our occasional overstock items are already at the lowest possible price, so no additional discounts (like VIP Insider's) will apply to this product. 

Reason for Overstock: there are hundreds of bottles with the best buy date of 11/2022 and so these bottles with this date stamp are being cleared out to make way for new supply coming in. 

Natural Cleansing Spray for Environment (including face masks). 

Overstock price of $45 for 6 - only $7.50 per bottle!! (normally $19.99). These would also make nice stocking stuffers!! 

With the power of lemongrass essential oil to kill microbes and the other properties of this formula to be antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal to not only help the surface of the face covering, but also with what you are breathing in for overall antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits without chemical side effects with this natural solution for both inside and outside your body. 

To use: Most keep a spray in each vehicle and bags. After each use, spray and leave it in car and let the heat and the spray do it's job to keep your face covering cleansed naturally. This is not for consumption or internal use, but for your environment, including cars, pillows, air space, etc.

These products are private-label brands of The Michael Family (Cassie is one of the co-founders of this co-op). Cassie has been a small business entrepreneur in the state for many years. She helped co-found this co-op to help small businesses in Utah survive during the lockdown, but also has been an advocate for small business support even outside of a crisis. Every step of this product from development to bottling is done 100% inside of Utah! 


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