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Who Is Food and Co-op

This co-op started with a dream and goal that seemed impossible to bring the best of the food worlds together and leave out the least desired parts and make it into one giant community-building effort. 

In fact, it just didn't seem like the dreams and goals could even. come true. But when you put two incredibly passionate foodies, who want to feed their families (while raising 10 kids collectively) well, have food security, have a heart for local businesses and food producers, sparks happen.

LOTS of them!

Cassie and Vanessa were determined to solve some food crises plaguing the American family today. 

For some examples:

If you want to eat food on a budget, you have to sacrifice quality. 

If you want to eat organic, grass fed, local etc. you might as well hand in your first-born. 

If you want fresh meat, you have to go to the farm yourself and pick out the animal you want to have slaughtered. 

If you want food that hasn't been touched by anyone (think about how many people inspect and touch the packages at the store) except the butcher, you have to go to the butcher yourself. 

If you want to buy meat online, you have to pay expensive prices to make up for the shipping fee.