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Welcome HOMETOWN Values to the Food and Meat Co-op

Who is the Food and Meat Co-op

The Food and Meat Co-op started in May of 2020 with the desire to help people during the pandemic gain access to food directly when the supply chain broke. Through our passion to help save farmers, food distributors, and to provide food to families while staying home during quarantine, we realized how we could bridge the gap between food producers and the consumer. From this the Food and Meat Co-op was born! Read more about us HERE

From this passion project we learned how those same labors of love to help during the pandemic could be used to make way for a life-long solution to food buying, even outside of a pandemic. We are here for the long haul.

We are a team of moms at heart who developed a passion during COVID-19 to help local businesses that has grown into something so much bigger!  

The Food and Meat Co-op Team

Why a Co-op? The Secret To Beating Inflation!

We may have started with the goal of helping people access food during the pandemic, but it solves so much more. It is now the ticket to solving inflation post-pandemic. 

Our Founder, Cassie, had many years of experience purchasing through a food co-op and even helping to run other food co-ops in the past. She knew how to access food direct and bypass the retail supply chain. But it would take a group of people that have the buying power of a grocery store collectively to buy food by the pallets to make this project come to life! 

  • Buy in bulk - wholesale group pricing for significant savings over retail.
  • Foods are made fresh, packed fresh, delivered fresh or flash-frozen all within a short time period - This is a freshness that retail cannot match. You can taste it when you eat it.  
  • Local processing - This means you are supporting local business and the local Utah economy from a few different levels! There are at least 3 local businesses that receive your business in this process, along with helping to support fellow local co-op families in Utah with group-buying benefits. 
  • Direct - There is no retail middle-man, which means that your product has only been touched by the butcher last and has not been sitting in store fridges for others to handle before you get it! This brings comfort and assurance that you have control from nearly the beginning. 
  • Paid members get early ordering, express pickup and 5% off Learn about our  VIP Membership here and watch this video for more information! This membership is NOT required to participate in the Food and Meat Co-op. It is a bonus benefit for those who choose to financially support the Co-op!

In the end, you are getting:
Better quality food
Fresher food
Supporting local farmers, suppliers and distributors
Have food security with bulk buying and direct access to your food sources and...
Saving 20-50% over retail!  
Check out one example of dozens 👇

What's the catch? 

With food prices rising like they are, it’s hard to believe there is a different way to buy food. Or we have gotten so used to growing up with the retail food stores that it’s hard to believe there is a BETTER way to buy food. And of course, with something different AND better, there are “catches.”

  • We do not have a brick and mortar store - Consider us like a mobile farmer’s market, wholesale club and food truck in one. 
  • You do buy in bulk - However, this has improved greatly! Of course, if you have freezers and freezer room, you can buy more, but when we started, most of our food was in 40 lb boxes. Although we still have those, we now mostly have 10 lb boxes, which does not take up very much freezer space. Most people can fit a couple of 10 lb boxes in their freezers attached to their kitchen fridge even with the other items in your freezer. This has made it possible for pretty much anyone to buy something each month! 
  • We are not a full grocery store - We cannot fully replace the grocery store, but we CAN replace most/all of your meats and some foods.
  • There are limited time one-time food deals - Each month, we do carry our Best Sellers or what we call “necessities” like basic chicken, beef and bacon, but we also have a “theme” each month and the foods available that month are limited time in two ways - some of these items will be available 2 or 3 times per year while others are only available for that month's deliveries. So you do need to be watching each event closely for the best selection and “fooditunities!”  

How it works? 

Participation it the Food and Meat Co-op is absolutely free!  See the step by step instructions here as well as the video below!

  • Go to 
  • Subscribe to the emails and texts to be notified when the next food event opens in your area
  • Find the foods available this month on the website or app
  • Add items to your cart and checkout from the website or app
  • Review the pickup schedule or choose home delivery (where applicable)
  • Mark your pickup or delivery date and time in your calendar
  • If you chose pickup, drive to your pickup location at the specified date and time. 
  • Join the drive-through line (stay in your car)
  • We will look up your order and load your food into your vehicle
  • Take your food home and repack how you want and store in the freezer

Consider becoming a VIP for extra benefits like early ordering and 5% off! 

Watch this step by step video on how to order from start to finish!

Try one of our best selling products:
29 lb BBQ Mixed Box! 

More FAQ's

For more FAQ's go here!