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Waitlist for Tooele Valley

Hello Utah Neighbor! We are coming soon to Tooele Valley! 

Please join the waitlist for Tooele Valley below. By joining the waitlist, you are NOT committing to buy, but it allows you to be the first to be informed when the next food opportunities are open for ordering in your area. We are first-come, first-served and only the waitlist will be informed of the sale opening. More details below. 

*Scroll through the entire form to see it all and hit "submit"

Our food goes FAST and for good reasons:

1. It's fresh and direct from the source (always a plus because less people have touched it and less travel/storage has occurred)

2. It's affordable. Because we are going direct and ordering in bulk, it is more affordable because we are cutting out the retail middle-men. 

3. It's in bulk, which allows you to stock up and have food security no matter the season or whatever is happening in the world. You can stock your own freezers and you can share with friends and family and split cases to save even more money. 

4. It's high quality. We have procured and secured some of the highest quality foods and meats in their categories and these foods are "food service quality" which means it's the "top shelf" meats or the foods you would find in fine restaurants across the state, but straight to your home instead. 

January's food deals are still being negotiated and secured, which means final prices will be TBD. The prices below are estimated for January (prices fluctuate monthly due to the fresh food commodities) and we have already gotten some of the BEST prices yet for January! 

- *Fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast at $2 lb or less

- *Fresh boneless, skinless chicken thighs at $1.50 lb or less

- *Fresh bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs at $1 lb or less

*All of our chicken is natural, cage-Free, antibiotic-free, no added hormones or steroids and raised on small farms in the midwest and processed at a Koch Foods facility and bulk packed. 

- Daily's Local Standard Thick Cut Bacon (fattier slices) at less than $3 lb

- Daily's Local Center Cut Premium Thick Cut Bacon at less than $5 

Daily's Premium Thick Cut Uncured 100% Natural, Minimally Processed Bacon at less than $6 lb 

- 80/20 Ground beef raised in the Rocky Mountain West and processed in Logan, UT for less than $3 lb

Wild Caught Salmon at $8.99 for 10 lb case.

PLUS: we will have quite a number of OVERSTOCK and CLEARANCE Frozen Foods available at first-come, first-served. 

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