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About Us

Vanessa and Cassie have a love and passion for helping local farmers, businesses and families in Utah. They both have enthusiasm for this area of life and have lots of experience with co-op-like buying. Due to the imminent needs brought on by the economic climate of COVID-19, they knew they needed to step in. Vanessa and Cassie wanted to see businesses survive in Utah and for families to not have worries about finding enough food to feed their family. They put their heads, skills and passions together and are making this co-op happen! They have served hundreds of families in Utah, bringing comfort and peace of mind to them, since their beginning.

During our first pickups, we not only served hundreds with bulk meat, but we brought flats of organic strawberries for less than the price of conventional! What an amazing blessing to help out Utah community eat well and eat for less!  

Read their bios to learn about co-founders Vanessa Quan and Cassie Michael!

So this is me, Vanessa and co-founder of this pretty freaking amazing co-op. My love language is acts of service and I am forever looking for ways to connect to people, help and serve them. Enter our pretty, freaking amazing co-op! This effort makes my heart full to feel the joy, relief, gratitude and visibly seeing how much the co-op opportunities mean to them and their family. It's what continues to drive me every day!

When I'm not online or co-opping, I'm submersed in the wife/mom life. We are baseball and cheer fanatics, love to backpack when we get the chance, bike in the summer, and ski in the winter. My bike is an outlet and I'm always trying to hit up my friends for a quick ride down the trail! Self-help and psychology is what anyone would find me listening to in my audiobook, cause again...life and sometimes we just need all the help we can get. Amiright?? I enjoy binging a good t.v. show, chatting about all the things with the people I love, I'm all about FRIENDS, my favorite binge snack is cheese and crackers, and the best time of the days is curling up next to my hubs while watching an action show.

Even though my current season is "busy", I always have time to serve others. So when I'm not co-oping, doing all the wife/mom things, you will see me helping out with the #NavajoStrong relief drive. It's amazing to see all those who want to step up and provide help to our Navajo brothers and sisters. It's a beautiful reminder that even amongst the current despairing moments of our world, there is still good be found. We just need to look for it. 




Hi! I am Cassie Michael! I was born and raised in SE Idaho (born in Pocatello and raised in Idaho Falls), but I have been in Utah since 2001! I have been married for nearly 21 years! In my daily life, as a homeschool graduate, I currently homeschool my 6 amazing kids from ages 5-16! You may just see a few of them helping at pickups here and there because they love to help and volunteer as well!

When I am not homeschooling and taking care of my family and home, you can find me online in many ways!

I am the blogger behind The Thrifty Couple - TheThriftyCouple.com and co-author of The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast book that has helped thousands of families overcome mountains of debt!

One of the main topics on my blog and in our book is saving money on food. As such, I have been a part of the food co-op and direct, bulk buying world for nearly 10 years either as a customer, blogging about my experiences/advice, volunteering and even in paid positions within companies or co-ops that offered these services in the past. After being involved with several over the years that are nationwide co-ops and bulk buying companies, when COVID-19 hit, I saw a deep need to help and serve those in my local community even more and to help the farmers and businesses stay afloat and for my fellow citizens to have access to good affordable food directly. So I redirected my nationwide co-op focus to the local area to help Utah farmers, businesses and families specifically weather the COVID storm that has now become a permanent staple in Utah! 

Cassie Michael and bulk meat pickups for Food and Meat Co-op
Cassie at the first pickup for Food and Meat Co-op during Covid-19! We were able to serve hundreds of people during that first event when meat and food was harder to come by due to the food shortage! 

Since Vanessa had a local group that was already achieving these goals, Vanessa knew my desire to help our community and so she invited me to join her in this new venture and I was excited to join with her in late May 2020 and an official co-op was created and founded by both of us - the Food and Meat Co-op in Utah!