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the Food and Meat Co-op family

Vanessa and Cassie have a love and passion for helping local farmers, businesses and families in Utah. They both have enthusiasm for co-op-like buying. Due to imminent needs brought on by the economic climate of COVID-19, they knew they needed to step in. Vanesa and Cassie wanted to see businesses survive in Utah and for families to not have worries about finding enough food to feed their family. They put their heads and skills together and are making this co-op happen! Food and Meat co-op has served hundred of families in Utah, bringing comfort and peace of mind.



 Originally born and raised in Georgia, Vanessa and her family made the move to Utah in 2013. Her love language is acts of service and is forever looking for ways to connect to people, help and serve them. When she's not co-opping, Vanessa is submersed in the wife/mom life. Her family are baseball and cheer fanatics, love to backpack in the summer and ski in the winter. She enjoys binging on a good t.v. show, chatting about life with her people and rewatching FRIENDS. 





Cassie is originally from SE Idaho and has lived in Utah since 2001. She homeschools her 6 kids and when she isn't co-opping and homeschooling, she takes care of her family and home. Cassie is the blogger behind The Thrifty Couple - and co-author of The 2% Rule To Get Debt Free Fast book that has helped thousands of families overcome mountains of debt!














Greenjacket Ranch

In 1997, Alan and Elizabeth left the rat race and took over the family ranch which included living off-grid and 6 miles off the pavement at the foot of Greenjacket Hill near Vernon, Utah. Determined to restore the ranch, the family remodeled the house, rebuilt fences, plowed, planted, irrigated, bred, and calved-out cattle. They improved range for wildlife, especially the western Sage Grouse and were once named Ranchers of the Year by the Society for Range Management. After several years of improving beef quality genetics and selling weaned natural calves to Midwest buyers, we decided to fatten calves on our own pastures and sell locally. We added Wagyu bulls 4 years ago to increase quality and provide an excellent culinary experience. Alan and Elizabeth care for our cattle and handle them humanely. Elizabeth knows each of their 150 mother cows personally. The herd spends their whole lives within 3 miles of our ranch house.





Khorasan Mills






Lau Family Farm

Six the Lau family converted their 5th generation farm to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb. John's family had been raising sheep and cattle, along with small grains and hay, on the same land since the 1870's. They were the first generation facing the challenge of not being able to make a living from just farming if they stayed with conventional methods and conventional marketing. Lau Family Farm decided to concentrate their efforts on producing completely forage fed animals that we would sell directly to customers in the region. They hoped the direct sales of a specialty product would allow their relatively small herd of cattle and small flock of sheep to support their little family. And it did! For 16 years the Lau family farm has focused on creating the best beef and lamb they know how to make for theirf customers. They are committed to being faithful stewards of their land and animals. We believe that the high elevation land is best suited to the growing of pasture and hay.  




Farmer Chaz






Farmer Jared

Jared's land has been in his family for a 100 years. Recently, he has taken stewardship over the fields and is working to build them up using regenerative practices. Farmer Jared is notably skilled for growing the most beautiful, tender, and sweet cantaloupe that many have come to love in the valley. Additionally, he grows watermelons, honey dew, bell peppers, and hopes to continue to build up his crop diversities to provide for the co-op.