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Pork Options (Special)

Please note: August is a black out month for whole and half pigs and will resume in September. Pork boxes will still be sold online and can be picked up in Tremonton.


Support a local pig farmer!  Share with friends, family or neighbors or stock your own freezer with natural, fresh pork straight from the farm.

  • Whole pigs
  • Half pigs
  • Small Pork Boxes

A little something fresh off the farm for every budget and every freezer! 

You will be responsible for the butcher fees which range from $100 for half of a pig and $200 for a whole pig. No additional butcher fees are added into the 30# pork boxes. Butcher fees for the cut and wrap are $0.50/lb. for all fresh cuts and $0.75/lb for the cured. Live weight on pig are around 300 lbs. and will procure an estimated amount of 135 lbs. or meat. 

* All prices will vary depending on the live weight of each individual pig. These are estimated numbers to help give an idea of cost. Pickup is in Tremonton only.