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1 - 4pk of - 4oz Natural Antimicrobial Mask Cleansing Spray

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Direct co-op bulk pricing is 4- 4oz. bottle for $36 or 1 bottle for $10. VIP members will also get an additional 5% off wholesale pricing, making it only $34.20 for 4 bottles or $9.50 for 1 bottle! 

We are excited to introduce a new product that can help provide cleansing and microbe killing properties for face masks so that you don't have to wash between every use. 

With the power of lemongrass essential oil to kill microbes and the other properties of this formula to be antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal to not only help the surface of the mask, but also with what you are breathing in for overall antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits without chemical side effects with this natural solution for both inside and outside your body. 

To use: Most keep a spray in each vehicle and bags. After each mask use, spray mask and leave it in car and let the heat and the spray do it's job to keep your mask cleansed naturally. 

This product is a private-label brand of The Michael Family (Cassie is one of the co-founders of this co-op). Cassie has been a small business entrepreneur in the state for many years. She helped co-found this co-op to help small businesses in Utah survive during the lockdown, but also has been an advocate for small business support even outside of a crisis. Every step of this product from development to bottling is done 100% inside of Utah! 

Price is 1 bottle for $10 (normally $13) 

Bulk 4-pack for $36 (normally $52)


Notes about pickup:

1. Social distancing happens because you do not leave your car. We come to you in the parking lot and wear masks to serve you, but there is no exposure to one another. This is a safe and in fact the best practice even for those in quarantine to be able to get fresh food still. 

2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out. 


Benefits of buying this product through the local Utah chapter of Food and Meat Co-op: 

  1. Bulk, wholesale group pricing for significant savings over retail.
  2. Paid members get early ordering, express pickup and 5% off. Learn about membership HERE.

  3. Manufactured, bottled, labeled and distributed locally, right here in the heart of the Wasatch front. 
  4. Supporting MANY levels of small businesses in Utah. From the manufacturers to the distributors to the small family business ran by Cassie locally, you are supporting many levels of economic support in purchasing this product, keeping many families in business, while providing wellness support for your family! 
  5. One time offering - because Utah has a shorter growing period, these local bulk produce deals are short-lived and a one-time opportunity! 
  6. Direct - there is no retail middle-man, which means that your product has only been touched by the butcher last and has not been sitting in store fridges for others to handle before you get it! This brings comfort and assurance that you have control from nearly the beginning.