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November Mid Sale

We just got word that we got in some of Mrs Hewitt Gluten Free products for November and the Amazing Cleaner we found at the Gluten Free Expo!! We are going to be doing a mini Sale for these new products  tonight

We will have two different Cookie doughs available!! The Double Chocolate Mint Cookies and the Tuexdo Cookie dough. These come in the 12 dozen count bags totaling 144 cookies!! Perfect for all the holiday parties that are coming up! We also are offering Mrs. Hewitt's Gluten Free Focaccia Bread Mix! This is a personal favorite of ours as we use this mix to make deep dish pizzas all the time!!

The all natural cleaner is the perfect cleaner that is safe for pets and can be used anywhere in the house! With all the gatherings that happen around the holidays this set of cleaning products will be great to have. Each set comes with a 32 oz spray bottle and 1 gallon size cleaner that is all organic!! 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.