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10 lb Case of Clean Heritage Pork Breakfast Sausage Links, Free From Top 8 Allergens

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Mulay's natural heritage bred clean pork products are becoming a co-op favorite. We will feature a different product each month from one of our favorite pork farmers. Mulay's pork is raised just over the border in Colorado with the very best of farming practices and subsequent savory and delicious pork products, fresh from the butcher!

This month's better-than-organic feature is the Breakfast Link Sausage! Made with whole, natural ingredients, from ethically raised heritage pork, these high quality breakfast links are only $0.85 each!!

The only other place these are sold in Utah is at Natural Grocer's. Purchasing through the co-op in bulk is a significant savings.

Breakfast Link Sausage ‚ Natural, Keto, Paleo, Certified Free From ‚ "Big 8" Allergens, ABF Pork Raised Humanely.

  • Approximately 80 natural links per case
  • Natural, Keto, Paleo,

  • Certified Free From ‚ÄúBig 8‚Äù Allergens,

  • ABF Pork Raised Humanely.

    • Antibiotic-Free
    • USA Raised Pork, just over the UT border in CO.
    • No Nitrates Ever
    • No Sugar
    • Small company Woman Owned, Family Run!

    Pork, Water, Salt, Sage, Red & Black Pepper, Spicesl

    • Allergen Info: CERTIFIED FROM 8 Major Allergens! Gluten-Free & Paleo. Gluten-Free WIN!

    Cooking Instructions: Griddle fry


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