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NEW: 1 Gallon Hypochlorous Organic Multi Cleaner & Disinfectant and 32 oz spray bottle

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Each Set comes with the 1 gallon Disinfectant and the 32 oz bottle!

We are so excited to offer this new product for our Co-op!  We found this wonderful cleanign company at teh Gluten free Expo this year and we fell in love with them!!  A safe cleaner that can be used anywhere in the house including with pets. 

Natural disinfectant for your home, pets and even using in it in your laundry! (your work out clothes have never smelled so good! Toss in those kitchen towels and thick bath towels. 1/8 cup in the softener dispenser will eliminate those preexisting moldy smells!) This solution is perfect to have on hand in the kitchen, bathrooms and use to clean your car. This even gets out urine and vomit smells without discoloration….The sky’s the limit when it comes to where you need clean to be!

    You can do countertops/ hardwood, tile flooring etc. You may also put this into an ultrasonic fogger and go to town on barns for horses, dairy, poultry and dog kennels etc. There is NO harmful side effects to humans or animals.
    >>>>>>Check out more info HERE!<<<<<<<
     Here is a quick video about this cleaner from Cassie!

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