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December VIP Private Sale

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Early Christmas to our FABULOUS VIP Insider's Community! 

There are over 60 products, so be sure to scroll through the 5 pages to find all of the deals! 

Vanessa, Cassie, the farmers, businesses, producers, and distributors that are all receiving wonderful direct benefits from the ongoing work of the Food and Meat Co-op want to extend a "meaty" THANK YOU to YOU! 

This sale is JUST FOR YOU because you are an awesome part of this great project. Please note the pick up schedule - there is only a pick up on Saturday as we will have significantly less people since it is just this group, so we only need one pick up day.

There will be no VIP line specifically, but rather two lines at pick up since everyone coming is a VIP.  Other than that, everything else is as usual. The overstock items are already clearanced out and so they provided it to us as the lowest prices already. Any remaining overstock will be transferred to January's public sale, but you have first dibs all month! 

AND....Would you like FREE BACON? One of our suppliers had a wonderful idea for saying an additional THANK YOU to you for all your support these past few months - that was offering FREE pack of that top, premier cut gourmet bacon! Yes, get 1.5lbs of that thick-cut deliciousness if you spend $300 or more this order. It is automatic and we will be printing a list of those that spent over $300 (even if over a few orders this month - most of you already do this monthly!)  and will be handing you your bacon on site at pick up. 

Directory of products:

Pages 1-3 carry our popular fresh and frozen meats

Pages 3-4 carry the gluten-free items (the meats are also GF)

Page 4 carries wellness, vanilla and sauces

Pages 4-6 carry the overstock items 

Don't miss your favorites! 

ENJOY and see you Saturday, December 12th! 

Saturday, December 12th: Weber County, 9:30-10am 
Hub City Coffee Co. 3525 Grant Ave, Ogden 84405, United States 

Saturday, December 12th: Davis County, 10:30-11:00, 
Rocky Mountain Tumbling Parking Lot, 269 E 200 S, Clearfield, UT 84015

 Saturday, December 12th: Salt Lake County, 12:15-12:45pm 
Autism Solutions Parking Lot,1785 W 7888 S, West Jordan, UT 84088

Saturday, December 12th: Lindon Area, 1:45-2:15pm
96 N. 1800 W. Suite 19, Lindon, UT 84042

*Also, feel free to share the membership details with friends this month as we are also giving free bacon to new members who join AND order this month. Details HERE

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.