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10 lb Case: Wild Caught Keta Alaskan Salmon

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Current Market Price is $89.90 each 10 lb case. VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off for $85.41 per case.

Get the real wild-caught fish for the same cost as farmed by purchasing in bulk through the co-op! 

If you are looking for a great buy on Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, the Food and Meat Co-op is bringing in 10lb cases of fresh, flash-frozen Keta Salmon Filets that are already portioned out in 6 oz skinless portions for co-op pricing at only $8.99 lb. There are 4 - 6 oz portions frozen in one vacuum-sealed pack. You can cut these apart to serve one filet at a time as well. 

Keta Salmon is the naturally lower fat variety of Salmon species when compared to fat content found in Sockeye or King. As such, they are lighter flesh and milder taste as well, which is the perfect well-rounded Salmon cut for a lower fat, healthier diet and a preferred species amongst the majority due to the milder flavor. This is also skinless, making it very easy to prepare. Because Keta Salmon has less fat and natural oils, it's also the preferred filet for grilling as it stays together better. 

In a 10lb case, you will find 27 6oz servings of fish at only $0.56 per oz or $3.36 per filet. Retail comparison is around $0.72 per oz or $4.32 per filet. This saves you over $25 when you buy 10 lbs at a time! 

Notes about pickup:

1. Join a car line and stay in your vehicle. We will come to you to look up your order. Open your trunk and we will load you up. Safe, fast and easy!

2. You can send anyone to pick up your order. It does not need to be you. This allows you to work around any scheduling conflicts you may have, so you don't miss out. 


Benefits of buying this product through the local Utah chapter of Food and Meat Co-op: 

  1. Bulk, wholesale group pricing for significant savings over retail
  2. Paid members get early ordering, express pickup and 5% off orders. Learn about membership HERE. 
  3. Caught fresh, flash-frozen all within a short time period - this means that you can actually eat fresh from the box for several weeks before needing to freeze any extras. That fresh before frozen taste experience is worth buying super fresh alone! 
  4. Local distributing - which means you are supporting local business and the local Utah economy from a few different levels! There are at least 3 local businesses that receive your business in this process, along with helping to support fellow local co-op families in Utah with group-buying benefits. 
  5. Direct - there is no retail middle-man, which means that your product has only been touched by the butcher last and has not been sitting in store fridges for others to handle before you get it! This brings comfort and assurance that you have control from nearly the beginning.