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Family Mixed Staples Boxes - 7 different cuts of Beef, Pork and Poultry (Hand-trimmed locally, Vacuum-packed, Freezer Ready)

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Current Market Price is $129 per family staples mixed cuts box!  VIP Insider's members receive an additional 5% off lowest co-op prices for $122.55 per prepped box! 

September promotion - receive 1 extra pound of ground sirloin for 6 lbs total! 

As we have a quest to not only help our local food sources, we also want to continue to find practical and helpful solutions for families all across Utah. as such, we have curated a staples box intended to serve families a monthly portion of our most popular protein cuts! We have been working for that past 8 months to make this local poultry box happen and it's HERE! 

Perfect meal size vacuum-sealed portions of 7 different cuts of the most popular proteins from the beef, pork, chicken and turkey categories for a space-saving, time-saving solution for the many families that wanted to take advantage of our co-op buying opportunities but in sizes that are more manageable monthly.  

When you pick it up, all you have to do is put it right into your freezer! It also takes up a lot less space in a freezer, making it the perfect meat staples solution. 

NEW! Family Staples Mixed Meat Box

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