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Co-op Monthly Staples

We have another amazing month of chicken deals!

NEW in the Staples Category this month is that you can NOW get your 40lb chicken thighs and your 20lb chicken tenderloins already vacuum packed  in sous vide bags. So stays fresher in the freezer longer, can be cooked in bag AND no work needed! Simply fill your freezer! 

Chicken thighs are only $1.59 per lb this month! We have not seen this price since 2021!! So for over 1 year. As such, many of the chicken items are super low with a combination of the market changing and our group buying discounts that put us in the lowest priced tiers. 

Chicken breast for $1.99 per lb

Chicken thighs for $1.69 per lb 

Chicken tenderloins for $2.39 per lb fresh or $1.99 per lb frozen

Moving forward, our goal is to have a place where you can consistently rely on and find good food sources all month long. These foods will be the place to find and secure your next case of protein staples and reserve for the next pickup. This list will grow to include future popular foods, but you can come to rely on this as the source everytime you need to refill or stock-up!