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48 Ct Case Frozen Authentic and premium "Baked in Belgium" Brussels Waffles, Individually Wrapped

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After a FLOOD of requests to bring back Begium Waffles, we are trying new variety of Belgium Waffle from the same company that everyone loved previously for the pearl sugar waffles. 

This variety is the Authentic "Made in Belgium" Brussels Waffle!

Individually wrapped and ready to be toasted or microwaved for a few seconds, this version is the classic version and so we hope you enjoy this one as much as the pearl sugar waffles.

At only $0.73 per waffle for authentic waffles made in Belgium, these will be a delicious addition to your fast breakfast tradition! 

Check out the savings with the co-op too:

These are also significantly less than Amazon!  


  • 1.59 ounces each
  • individually wrapped and frozen
  • authentically made in Belgium
  • Non-GMO
  • No preservatives
  • No colorings
  • Defrost and eat cold, warmed or any way you like! 

From the producer - Avieta

Golden to perfection, this iconic, ultra-light,
rectangular waffle has a unique texture: crisp when you bite
into it before melting in your mouth.

The dough is prepared from high-quality ingredients and our Brussels waffles
are guaranteed free from preservatives, palm oil, GMOs and colorings.

The unique manufacturing process perfected by our artisan bakers ensures that our Brussels waffles have an exceptional texture and a consistent size and weight.

 Ingredients: Water, wheat flour, rapeseed oil, whole eggs, malt extract, whole milk powder, leavening ( monocalcium phosphate, baking soda), salt, vanillin. Contains: wheat, egg, milk. May contain soy.

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