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Allergen Friendly Stuffing Recipe

Posted by Vanessa Quan on

Watch this amazing recipe  come together using one of the mixes from Rustic Scoop that we have in our gluten free sampler box!     Stuffing Recipe allergen friendly, vegan option, and gluten free by: Rustic Scoop™   Ingredients  12 Cups Rustic Scoop™ Sandwich Bread, cubed ¾ Cup Butter of choice2 Cups Yellow onion chopped and diced 1 ½ Cups Celery chopped 3 Garlic cloves minced 2 Tablespoons Fresh sage chopped 2 Tablespoons Fresh parsley chopped 2 Tablespoons Fresh Rosemary chopped2 Tablespoons Fresh thyme chopped1 ½ teaspoons Salt1 ½ teaspoons Onion powder2 ½ Cups Chicken or vegetable stock  For Preparing Ahead:  Cut 12 cups of bread into cubes. ...

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