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How The Utah Co-op Works

We are a group of consumers in Utah that band together as a community to make big bulk orders of food online ahead of time. The foods are primarily meat and produce, but many other things too. We order this way to be able to get bulk, co-op pricing and support local business. This not only supports the families in Utah, but local farmers and suppliers too!ย 

It's a simple process.ย 

1. Find the foods available this month on our website.ย 

2. Find the schedule for pickup (usually once per month in the 4 main counties in the Wasatch Front: Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties)

3. Order the foods you want to buy in bulk so your order can be included and take advantage of the group buying prices!ย 

4. Meet the truck at the specified date/time/location and pick up your order!ย 

5. Most foods are made fresh for our group and come either FRESH or FLASH FROZEN. Each product will list the package details and the farm/product details.ย 

6. Selection changes EVERY month. What we offer this month will be different next month. So if you see something you want, jump on it!ย 

We hope to meet you at the next pickup! Please use our chat feature if you have immediate questions.ย 


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