October Sale NOW OPEN! Natural Chicken Options from $0.84 - $2.79 lb Available THIS MONTH ONLY

NEXT Pickup Schedule

Wednesday, October 28th: Cache Valley, 2:30-3:30pm, 
IFA Country Stores, 2250 Main St, North Logan, UT 84341

The sale for Weber, Davis, SL and Utah counties just closed for October. Be watching for November's sale to open for pre-orders soon!  Be sure to be on the text and email list and join the Cache County Facebook Group.

How The Utah Co-op Works

We are a group of consumers in Utah that band together as a community to make big bulk orders of food online ahead of time. The foods are primarily meat and produce, but many other things too. We order this way to be able to get bulk, co-op pricing and support local business. This not only supports the families in Utah, but local farmers and suppliers too! 

It's a simple process. 

1. Find the foods available this month on our website. 

2. Find the schedule for pickup (usually once per month in the 4 main counties in the Wasatch Front: Weber, Davis, Salt Lake and Utah Counties)

3. Order the foods you want to buy in bulk so your order can be included and take advantage of the group buying prices! 

4. Meet the truck at the specified date/time/location and pick up your order! 

5. Most foods are made fresh for our group and come either FRESH or FLASH FROZEN. Each product will list the package details and the farm/product details. 

6. Selection changes EVERY month. What we offer this month will be different next month. So if you see something you want, jump on it! 

We hope to meet you at the next pickup! Please use our chat feature if you have immediate questions. 


Co-op Updates!


We had an incredible September. We nearly doubled in size from the last pickup. As such, we have had fast and smooth pickups in  previous months, where the longest people waited was 15-20 minutes. But last month, it was SO busy and the lines were SO long that we had a number of people that waited 45-60 minutes before they could get their food. We do not want this to happen again.

Our goal is that our express line wait is no more than 5 minutes and our regular line is no more than 10-15 minutes tops. 

But we have also implemented these steps:

1. An additional pickup day! We have added in Saturdays to help with work and schedule conflicts, but to also divide the lines in each county over different days! 

2. Increased number of persons checking in and loading.  Instead of just two people checking people in (Cassie and Vanessa) we have increased this to 2-4 dedicated for the express VIP Member's line and 1-3 dedicated to the regular line for checkin. 

3. We have also increased onsite volunteers. So for every person checking someone in - there are 1-2 volunteers dedicated to loading those cars per check-in person. So we have massively stepped up the amount of people loading and checking in. If you would like to be a volunteer on site, we would love for you to fill out this form

4. No on site sales at all. We have also decided to make the tough decision to not have any on site sales. Although we had found many last minute goodies and even many last minute shoppers, it was too time consuming to sell on site. So it is important to order and pay online as we can't do onsite any longer. 

5. The VIP Express line will always be cleared first. In some counties, (like Davis) we actually have more VIP members than not. So the VIP line will look much longer. But with double staff dedicated to that line, will move twice as fast. However, much like the FastPass lines at Disneyland the goal is to clear this line first. So some of the volunteers of the regular line may jump over and help with the Express when the line gets longer, much like the attraction lines and so the regular line will be temporarily halted so all hands on deck can clear this line so that the wait is a 5 minute or less wait. Again, the goal for the regular line is no more than 10-15 minutes tops too. :) 

We are SO Excited about the growth and the dedication of our community to support each other through good food! That is a beautiful co-op relationship! 

Watch for the next sale to open soon (within the next week). We can't wait for you to join our Private Facebook Group HERE to stay in the loop and join the local conversation!